IV Sets

Actimed Infusion Sets:

Actimed IV Administration Sets offers a non-deformable hose that prevents fluids collapse at patient movements

Features and Benefits 

Actimed offers a complete line of IV administration sets: the single Y connector 2,0 m. and the double Y connector 2.4 m. IV surgical administration set. 20 drops per Ml.
Its hose with memory made of PVC lets it to revert to its original form.
The practical length of Actimed IV administration set enables physician and/or nurse to move the patient from one side to another without causing inconvenience or discomfort to the patient.
The air filter prevents the pass of bubbles to the drip chamber.
Universal spike.
Its Y connector allows the feeding of saline solutions and supplying medications at the same time.


Actimed IV administration set guarantees supply of fluids free of polluting agents due to its back check valve which inhibits the pass of blood and other fluids through the hose.

Item Sizes Units x Pouch Pouches x Case
60012 One “Y” 2.0 Mts 20 Drops 1 400
60013 Two “Y” 2.4 Mts 20 Drops 1 350
60014 One “Y” 2.0 Mts 60 Drops 1 400