Gauze Sponges

Hospital Pre Cut Gauze:

Actimed gauze sponges are manufactured to meet the rigorous standards such as ISO 9002 for the wound care making them of 100% cotton to ensure purity and absorbency.

Features and Benefits

Highly absorbent.
Made from 100% cotton.
A woven gauze of 20 X 12 threads.
Sterilized by Gamma-ray approach.


Sterile gauze sponges conveniently packaged in individual envelopes.
The envelope design allows easily peeling it down.


Ideal for emergency areas, doctor offices and in all pre-surgery procedures.






Item Sizes Units x Box Units x Case
10031 3″ 25 Envelopes 1200 Envelopes
10041 4″ 25 Envelopes 600 Envelopes