Gauze Pads

Consumer Gauze Retail Package:

Actimed gauze sponges are manufactured to meet the rigorous standards such as ISO 9002 for the wound care making them of 100% cotton to ensure purity and absorbency.

Features and Benefits  

Highly absorbent gauze pad.
Gauze strip made from 100% cotton.
A woven gauze of 26 x 18  thread ,12 ply. Exceed USP standards.
Sterilized by Gamma-ray approach.


Gauze sponges conveniently packaged in individual sterile envelopes.
Envelope comes with peel down system.


For cleaning and wound care.
Cannot be left out in your first aid kit.



Item Sizes Units x Box Units x Case
10231 3″x3″ 10 Envelopes 600 Envelopes
10232 4″x4″ 10 Envelopes 600 Envelopes